Community Housing Development Services




We are building more than housing.  We are building opportunity.

Johnson Environmental., supports the growth of affordable housing in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and across the country by helping community leaders plan effective affordable housing projects based on a community's specific needs.

Rural communities are in desperate need of new housing stock but have limited means to support the development capacity.  Johnson Environmental brings together a team to fully develop the project based on the needs and vision of each community.   




Feasibility and Planning     30-90 days

  •  Your Vision
  •  Your Capacity
  •  Scope and Scale of Project


Strategy and Development   30-90 days

  •  Leadership
  •  Integro Tea Assembled
  •  Develop success metrics            


Project Design                        30-90 days

  •  Budget
  •  Financing
  •  Timeline
  •  Partners


Financial Resources               30-90 days

  •  Private - Investors and Donors'
  •  Public - Grants, Loans, Bonding, Etc.             


Project Management               10-18 months

  •  One Point of Contact
  •  Momentum Managed
  •  Empowered Executive Decisions


Success and Sustainability

  • On Time and On Budget
  • Positive Cash Flows
  • Marketable, Efficient and Durable





Chris Johnson at 605-940-0759